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Live. Shop. Maryland.

Revolutionizing Maryland's #ShopLocal Movement


What is

Pledg is Maryland’s exclusive #shoplocal mobile application connecting locally-owned small businesses with customers through multimedia marketing efforts. We only feature local businesses through the use of our mobile application, website, social media marketing, SMS campaigns, and beacon marketing.

Through our targeted marketing platform, we strengthen our communities and keep revenue in our local Maryland economy.

Application Features

  1. 1Exclusive Deals & Promotions

    Drive traffic with deals & promotions through the Pledg app. Your dedicated online dashboard allows you to run multiple specials at one time, targeting different customers and promoting various services and products. Our analytics allow you to easily see which promotions are generating the most traffic so you can focus your marketing efforts appropriately.

  2. 2Direct-to-Customer Push Notifications

    When Pledg users favorite your promotions in the mobile app, your business then has the option to send out direct push notification messages right to their mobile devices. Alert customers to new deals, events, and products in real time.

  3. 3Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

    Our powerful Pro Series Bluetooth Beach option accelerates your marketing by sending your current promotions to customers and potential customers within a close proximity to your business. Promotions are sent via mobile notification 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  4. 4Online Directory Listing

    Showcase your business, location, website, and current promotions through your dedicated online dashboard. Your business profile comes complete with a full listing of your location and hours, and our premium packages allow you to display multiple hyperlinks and promotions – giving you the ability to promote all of your product and service offerings. You have full control over your listing – including adding employees to help manage your account.

  5. 5Promotion Analytics

    Get full insights into your business listings & promotions and even learn which promotions work better on different days! With our online analytics, you’ll see how much traffic and interest your profile is getting with Pledg, as well as which deals are working best with your target audience.

  1. 6Loyalty Rewards Programs

    Easily create your own loyalty rewards and engage your customers! With our Loyalty Bucks program, you can offer rewards to your most loyal customers and increase repeat business.

  2. 7Manage Own Staff & Employee

    Manage your employees. Does your business allows to manage your staff members and also allow staff's to themselves enrol into your business? Our system will provide you an easy controlling module to manage your staff. Providing accessibility control of staff member to full, restricted and no access to web panel to manage data. Customers from mobile app can enrol themselves by sending Place of Work request.

  3. 8Increase Your Social Media Presence

    By linking your social media accounts to the Pledg dashboard, you can promote updates and specials on social media platforms with a single click. Our premium packages also offer social media advertising packages to help promote your specials and events.

  4. 9Live Updates

    Instantly notify your customers of updates to your promotions, products, services, hours and more. Pledg offers business feeds so your followers can keep track of the latest news in real time.

  5. 10Build Your Reputation

    Customer satisfaction is the pillar of business growth. Increase referrals and your online reputation through Pledg. Users are encouraged to rate, review, and share their favorite business right in the app. You’ll also have the ability to communicate directly with customers in the portal, answering questions and resolving issues directly in the app no matter where you are.

Let's Make Maryland
Stronger. Together.

Pledg connects our Maryland communities and economies by offering affordable marketing solutions to small businesses using advanced technology and multimedia strategies.

You don’t need the ad dollars of big chains to stand out with our mobile application. Once connected, you’ll have direct access to members of your local community as well as other location organizations & businesses. Small business is the lifeblood of our community, and we want to put your business in the spotlight.

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300 Million
Mobile Users

Times are changing and mobile technologies are taking the stage front & center. In fact, mobile is the biggest disrupter to retail since the inception of eCommerce! As more shoppers turn to their phones in both the digital realm and the physical store, retailers need to focus on creating connected experiences in the mobile context.


Local Trafic

Amount of local traffic that use their mobile
devices when searching for a local business.


Order Local

Amount of mobile users who will order local products or services through their mobile device.


Retail Trafic

Percentage of retail traffic that is a direct result of digital social media through mobile devices.



Amount of mobile users who purchase products & services based directly on a social referral.

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Let's Find a

Plan That's Right For You

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Frequently asked questions

You may cancel your subscription at any time, yes. We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with our system you may contact us within your first 30-days for a complete refund on your initial subscription cost. Please note: If you are on a platform that supplied you with equipment, you must first return the equipment prior to a refund or cancellation approval.

Yes! If you feel that your business needs additional features offered in other packages, or if you feel that you have features you are not using, you may upgrade or downgrade to another subscription plan at any time with us.

They do not, no. We believe in fair business practices and feel like businesses who have a larger advertising budget should not have an unfair advantage over smaller businesses. However, our higher packages do come with far more features which in turn attract more user activity within their business listings. Users who find more features available within a business’s listing are far more likely to interact and share that business place with other users more often.

That’s a great question! Most of our clients only log into their administrator portal occasionally to view reports or add any special promotions. Our system allows for automated specials, promotions, or discounts on a timed calendar basis so there is no need to maintain your platform daily. Please also be aware that we will assist with all your initial setup, and we are happy to help you at any time!

If your business has more than one location, you will be granted access to one online administrator portal that allows you to maintain all your locations from one portal. Furthermore, you can also grant limited access by location if you have additional staff or location managers that need online access as well.

Yes! However, the discounted pricing for the annual plan may not fully apply if switching later. We encourage that you start with an annual subscription today to take full advantage of the pricing model.